Friday, August 29, 2008

Sales Role In Retention

Your sales staff is the pivot point in the long term member formula. Your reception may be the first impression, but the stage is set up by your sales team. Coaching your sales staff to delivery a proper needs analysis is key. This gives the member the proper induction presentation based on what they desire. Additionally, if this process is properly recorded it can be used in the future to track success and used to build rapport with your fitness team.
it often occurs that a salesperson gets in a routine with his presentations and the result is a depersonalized interview with the prospect. Forcing a prepared needs analysis will insure that each prospect will feel that you are interested in them. When we talk about how can sales effect retention it starts with letting the new member know at the first interaction that we care about them and will not treat them impersonally.

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Can You Market For Great Retention

Would you go to a play without knowing what is to be going on? Would you spend the money without knowing that you "should" enjoy it and love the experience? It is likely we go there to experience the thrill of our emotions and to get a release from the world that engulfs us everyday.

It is important that you set out all your marketing for everyone to know what you are about and what you are going to deliver to them. Hey guest passes are dangerous you may allow someone to see who you are but not what you are. Ensure that your marketing includes a statement of what you are planning to deliver and how you are going to do that. We regularly mention our guarantee, our fitness coaches, and our group fitness commitment. People know when they enter our club that they want details on specific items that we promote. We differenciate our service. We stand for their success and we show we have a plan to deliver the outcome they desire.

For additional details please contact us at 717-490-8063

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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Thought On Retention In USA

Many times I wonder why we have a problem with keeping our members. I have been to tens of clubs in the last year, most of the time I see beautiful clubs that are designed to cater to 20% of the American market. They succeed at getting less than designed, and keep churning
through all the others. Hard fact to face but it seems that sometime we need to shallow the
medicine needed to cure the issue. There is hope, and amazingly it is so glorious it's hard to believe. If u are successful now then plan to be even more amazed. The growth of your business and cashflow will be tremendous. Get set to go and hang on!

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Forks washington on Olympic peninsula Seattle trip with andy.
Yesterday we hiked the merryman trail to see a waterfall and found the huge trees amazing.
Reading 1 peter 2.
Living stones: God created us all be living stones to be part of the living church. We are called to base this project on the cornerstone of Christ and follow the blueprint of the Word of God.
Today we are going to head to the hoh rainforest to see the old growth forests and do a little hiking. Then it's back to Seattle for lodging. Think we need to go to my rainier yet to complete the must sees.

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Spent the day traveling on the west side of the Olympia park. Climbed on sea stacks and hiked in the rainforest. Short hikes today due to the long ride we had back to Seattle. Beautiful scenery was every where. God make a beautiful world, so sinful that we don't appreciate it every day we live I'm it. Can we even start to imagine the glory that is Heaven.

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